Angleščina - program otroških tečajev

Otroški tečaj angleščine 8-11 let

Talking about emotions (How do you feel? I feel sad, happy, hungry, excited, surprised …)

Personal pronouns (I, you, we, they, he, she, it)

Verb »to BE« in Present Simple: AM/IS/ARE

Have got/Has got; Can I have …

Food and containers (a can of, a bottle of, a packet of …)

Present Continuous:

  • leisure time at home, describing on-going actions

  • positive, negative and question forms

  • At the beach vocabulary

The weather

Countries and writing postcards

Object pronouns: ME, HIM, HER, THEM, US

Playground vocabulary

Where do you live

  • numbers to 100

  • Predolgi: IN, UNDER, NEXT TO, IN FRONT OF …

  • Parts of the house

Present Simple:

  • Talking about likes and dislikes

  • Time off: entertainment and sports

  • Describing interesting animals

  • Daily habits

  • Adverbs of frequency: How often do you … (never, sometimes, often, usually, always)

  • Telling the time

  • Days of the week

  • Talking about school subjects, timetables and routines

Days and dates in the year (first, second, third…)

Otroški tečaj angleščine 12-14 let

Postavljanje vprašanj v angleščini (Yes/No questions; Wh-questions)


  • holiday vocabulary

  • world's famous landmarks

  • landscape vocabulary

Present Simple and Present Continuous

  • interesting habits around different parts of the world

Future tenses:

  • Will future

    • Talking about life in the future, predictions, speculations

    • Technology and technological gadgets, artificial intelligence, life in space

    • First conditional

  • Going to future

    • new year's resolutions

Healthy lifestyle:

  • balanced diet

  • food and adjectives describing food (plain, juicy, sweet, etc.)

  • injuries and illnesses

  • first aid kit vocabulary

  • giving and asking for advice ((don't) have to, must(n't), should(n't) need to, ought to, may …)

Past Simple and Past Continuous:

  • the story about the Titanic

  • talking about famous people from the past and their lives (The Beatles, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley …)

  • irregular verbs practice

  • difference between both tenses

Present Perfect:

  • the environment

Second Conditional:

  • If we were Spartans … à video about Spartans and their way of life

  • talking about imaginative situations

  • personality test, talking about personalities

  • peer pressure

  • Giving advice as an agony aunt

Passive voice

  • how English pancakes are made (utensils, ingredients, Shrove Tuesday)

  • materials

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